Foundation Art and Design-Unit 3 & 4

Some Observational

This was an activity that out Tutor wanted us to do, but instead of pencil, we used charcoal. This meant that we couldn’t erase any mistakes we made on the sheet of paper we had. We were able to choose between black and white paper and select either chalk or charcoal to draw with. Charcoal was irritating to draw with, especially since it’s easier for me to mess up on detail. I did initially use a pencil sketch as a guideline for starting my image. I never did like how the shade and tone appeared to me. I had spent most of the time doodling with the charcoal, hoping to understand shading much better.


I drew a knife with a combination of charcoal and chalk. I started off with sketching out the rough proportions using a HB pencil so that I could make out what I would to shade and leave out. I did eventually mess around with shade and tone around when I got tired of focusing on that knife. Sketching was easier than the colouring process, since I’m just used to making unfinished sketches on scrap papers and notebooks. It was helpful for me to take a picture of the knife on my iPhone and changing the settings to monochrome. I managed to get a good look at the areas of tone and depth to apply onto my own image.


This spoon was done using the same techniques that I used for the knife. Like the first drawing, I was lazy with putting in more detail. The spoon was harder than the knife when it came down to the shading. I would look back at the spoon for reference again and I still lacked the patience to finish it in fine detail. For this image, I looked at the actual spoon for rough observation. I would probably get into the habit of using charcoal for shading shadows and may be applying some other colours for depth.

Pattern making

We got to do pattern making for a change with some cardboard, scissors, two colouring pencils of your choice. We could decide what shape we wanted our piece of card to be. I had went with a simple square (laziness, I guess). I didn’t want to make it appear to colourful, so I picked two colours to work with. Coming up with some patterns in black and white wasn’t difficult for me, but I had a more difficult time with making the patterns with colours as I was running out of ideas.




I mainly wanted to create different patterns with lines and dots. I thought that I could start off by using a regular HB pencil. I would try to make different curves, dots, and lines every time and I would save the colours for last (decorating the squares around the edges). I thought that by limiting my resources for this exercise, I could force ideas for patterns onto the sheet without relying on colour. That was my mistake. I would have preferred continuing the sheet in pencil with unique lines and shapes. I struggled more from forcing my ideas instead of letting them flow out.

I went on ahead with printing it on different colour and saturation. I got the opportunity to look at the differences in shape, colour or a lack of colour. I had some assistance from one of my peers in class luckily. It’s been such a long time since I’ve actually copied from the college printer that I couldn’t remember much from getting the options and settings done. I probably should have selected different colour options for a variety.


With the patterns sheets we had made, we then needed to use those patterns to decorate one of our sketches that we made from walking around and recording the landscapes. I would use dots, asterisks, waves with colour, crosses and cross-hatching too. I would waste time in trying to make the patterns blend in with the picture. The crosses I had applied haven’t really done the picture justice. I am happy with the use of cross-hatching, asterisks and wave lines for the top-right corner being used. I generally have some mixed feelings towards this picture as there’s areas I like and dislike about it.

Colour and mood

We got to look at colour theory and the types of emotions that they represent. Our Tutor had shown us images on a slideshow take a look at the atmosphere and colour that used to evoke certain thoughts and emotions out of the viewer. Many other people worked for using lines and colour whereas I wanted to combine colour and symbolism to get my message across. It may have not been what the Tutor intended to see, but I think it can serve the same purpose.


These sketches were based on my experience with watching ‘two girls one cup’. A certain video which has shocked and disgusted a lot of people on the internet. Feel free to look up the video if you’re curious. I wanted to capture my reaction and emotions in regards to how I felt towards the video. I also wanted to recap my thoughts and response towards the video and thought about the colours which correlated with those emotions. I had a great time messing around with the concept.


I ended up using some symbols from my original concept. I even tried talking with my Tutor when looking for the right colour for portraying my mood/emotions. I wanted to be able to get the message of the topic across using visuals I come up with. I’m well aware that some of my peers wouldn’t have done this in the same fashion. I used colours for representing themes that I couldn’t show with shapes completely.


This was more of an experimentation and the task in class was a good opportunity for me to mess around with. At first, I just wanted to experiment with the flow of colours, but when I had gotten an ominous vibe from one of my peers, I went on to creating an representation of death from my perspective.

Stencil Printing

We had to make our own stencil with an A4 sheet of paper and a knife-pen. Of course the rest of us got down to designing concept designs first. We needed to make a stencil and press it  through with paint to create a design into an empty sheet. The rest of the class had been getting on with a design to work with, whilst I had been doodling ideas of what I could do for my stencil.



I was mainly visually brainstorming for ideas. I used some stock images for references. I would doodle anything I had in my head at the time. I would think of ideas inspired by my imagination and interests. I didn’t want to try anything that would look odd or complex so I went on ahead with thinking of as many simple ideas as I could.


I eventually went with one of the doodles for a design. Making the design wasn’t too difficult to do. I simply went with a design that didn’t look too complex. I managed to get it done as quickly as I could before going to the printing process. I was confident that the results would be decent.

I went along with the default colours that were already there. I tried printing it a few times and the first few would have a few spots left out. When I finally printed it onto black paper, I liked the effective contrast that it created. It really brought out the colours that blended well together.


I tried another stencil, but went with a message referencing a certain anime trope. I specifically based it around a game called ‘Yandere Simulator’. I didn’t really like carving out the design, since I would have to grip onto the blade of my knife pen to have  control.



I wanted to use black ink paint instead of using mixed colours that I had previously used. I used icons from the game, like the heart and pulse lines. I wanted the viewers (who were familiar with the game) to understand the theme by taking objects and shapes that corresponded with icons in the game.

Screen Printing

This was an attempt with group printing with making a design which is 10x10cm big. The Tutor had said that it could/should be in black and white. I was happy with that theme so I got to sketching other concepts and I eventually picked this design as my final choice. I stuck with using a biro pen with black ink and got on with sketching and colouring. I added in a quote from a game named ‘Undertale’. Other peers commented on it being nightmare fuel, which was fine by me (as the premise of it was suppose to be dark-themed).





Bike themed 3D model

We had a project where we had to create a 3D model for a window display in a bike shop. We each needed to come up with our own individual idea and try to create a paper prototype for a test to see how the design may roughly look. I wanted to try a tire trophy/standee. There was suppose to be bike decorations in the background, but I eventually ran out of time.

I started off with making  a paper mache to test out my own idea (even if it wouldn’t be the final concept). I went on ahead and grabbed some of materials from a box to work on. I really didn’t think much when I got into it and constructed the model together. The concept was for me to make a tire-watch. I would have added some spinning rims to it, but I wasn’t sure how to do that for a paper model. I spent most of the time carving out the spaces in the inner circle. I took me at least half an hour to get it done.


When we pitched in different ideas for a project to do, we were put into groups to make designs, paper models and proposal forms to explain our idea and represent them so that people would be able to understand what our project would be about. The owners from bike shop would decide which idea would work.




Vincent Van Gogh (a well-known artist born 30th March 1853) was one of my main inspirations for creating my background design. He’s known for his work of post-impressionist artwork. I recognise his work ‘Starry night’ being painting set at night. I appreciate the mood and aesthetics that he sets off. It always gave me a relaxed, calm fell to it. I wanted my background to achieve similar emotions to the viewers out there with my own personal aesthetics in my work too.





A stumbled across an image created by an artist by the name of ‘BlackraptorArt’ (on Pinterest). This form of art was what I hope for my 3D elements to be implemented into. They put in such detail with only black ink. Looking at this motivates me to do better. I want to be able to put in that much quality and detail into my work as well. It’s amazing how many talented artists you can find on websites such as Pinterest. There isn’t much info on the artist, but it’s great to see work like this influence others.



A week later, the people had decided to go with a different idea. We needed to design a box with 3D elements (which had to be black and white) and a coloured background with primary colours used as a theme. I was roughly planning out my background and layout for the piece that I was assigned. I was aware that the theme had to link to bikes so the Tutor did suggest (whilst looking at my concept sheet) to change the sun into a wheel. I went with that idea. The idea of mine is to create a landscape with a bike tire in the sky.


I was given my section to work with. I got on with using acrylic paint to make the background and used a HB pencil to make grass strokes for the landscape. I have been messing around with different colour schemes when painting the sky and grass. I wanted to inside of the borders to be white. I ended up using the roller brush to cover them all with white paint. That way it won’t have any brush marks visible.



I went on ahead painted with some acrylic paint and added a snow landscape (since the display will be on the window in January and winter arrives around there). I was thinking about how we needed some 3D elements from the very beginning. I added to black and white tire to substitute the moon. I tried adding stars, but made it into snow themed landscape when it went wrong.






My piece wasn’t how I originally wanted it to look. I had a habit of changing ideas from time to time. I went from a plain old landscape to a snow themed background. I would scavenger through different scraps of materials to use for the 3D elements. I honestly stuck with using a glue gun to keep the pieces firmly in place. If I had to be honest about what was difficult, it would be the 3D elements. I was happy with completing the piece without 3D elements in there, but I knew that in order to pass, I had to place something 3D in there. Along the process, a few of my peers commented in the visuals as ‘beautiful’. I was happy that I managed to achieve one of my goals throughout this unit. It was a lot more challenging to do this brief as I had to get out of my comfort zone as I had made 2D work for most my time of making artwork. I would thank my Tutor’s critique for letting me know that using a regular landscape just wasn’t enough for a project that was bike-themed. They got me to put on my thinking cap and brain storm for more ideas of what to put for my bike element as well as 3D. It was a good process and I’m pleased with the development I’ve made through the brief. In the end, all I had to do was add in 3D elements.

Art History Brief

For a  new brief we needed to research and look into an art genre and/or an artist that works around a certain art genre. I thought to myself about what type of art I would like to work around. I had interest around making a piece of art that works around fantasy or steampunk. This isn’t an area that I work around so often, but I’ve seen so many pieces of work made around this genre especially literature. Recently, I have seen more artwork, clothing, video games and cosplays that were steampunk themed. Steampunk is a (typically literature) genre of it’s own which combines Victorian-inspired (19th century)industrial technology elements. Before the 80s (where it began as an independent genre, their were various adaptations of what technology in the future would be like in the Victorian Era. Around the Victorian Era, people had imagined how machinery would be steam-powered rather than electricity and made up their concepts based around that assumption.

Mood boards

To get a head start in understanding the theme, I went on with looking at the key themes. I haven’t worked around the genre at all, I’ve mainly admired works that were centred around steampunk and many other genres. Even if I’m familiar with it, I’ve never included it in my own work. That can change as I would like to try a piece of artwork revolving around steampunk rather the dark content I’ve been producing quite often in my classes. I enjoyed making cyberpunk themed concept art from the previous course and eventually had been interested in making a different punk genre for a change.





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