For the first assignment in Maker-space, we need to gift what we created for our loved one. It can be whatever we want it to be. As long as it is a gift we can give to someone we care about. People have been working on their ideas whilst I was struggling with an original idea at the time.


sketches of initial ideas inspired off of products made by other people.

I had some trouble with coming up with ideas to begin with. I really wanted to create a original gift to give, but I didn’t have any new, fresh ideas to begin with. Talking with my Tutor and classmates did help somewhat as they advised me to look up ideas that other people from other places have done already.


These were some prototypes that I managed to quickly put together in one lesson. It was a little irritating that I had no clue on what to do with when we had some time in Maker space to use for creating prototypes for our gift for a loved one. I didn’t that I would get somewhere without tinkering with scrap parts I found lying around.

FullSizeRender (1)
first prototype

This was found just using a crocodile clip and string. Seems simple enough to make. What helped was that I checked the length and mass by wearing it myself. I was thinking at the time if I use some form of string for a necklace chain,

FullSizeRender (2)
second attempt
some changes

Chain prototype

used magnets to make a temporary chain

I actually did have some fun making this chain with mini-magnets that I found in a box. I messed around for a while and eventually thought that it would work (as a prototype).

Pendant design prototype

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