Unit 16 Promoting Interactive Art and Design t

In this Unit, our Tutor wants us to be able to create and promote our best artwork and designs for the final showcase this year. It can range from animations, concept arts, experimenting etc. I was okay with this Unit as I get the opportunity to promote my artwork. I have a little more freedom in what I can create and promote to an audience.

Rough Sketches

These were a few examples of some doodles that I like to do in any spare time I’ve got. It can range from fan art to original characters that I create in my head from inspiration (everyday life and imagination). I have made thousands of different sketches from Primary school, but unfortunately I lost those or even threw them away at that time.. Even when I look at my own work, I sometimes cringe at my own mistakes and I would always welcome criticism.

photo 1
fan art doodles

Most of these doodles were made when I had spare time and there was nothing to do. Looking back at these, I realised how much I’ve improved from my current artwork that I sketched in my own spare time.

photo 2
doodling animals

I realised that I should practice more on animal anatomy as I’m so used to drawing human beings all the time and objects too. I have been practicing from time to time. I’m glad that I kept my doodles with me. This hobby of mine has been quite useful for looking at improvement and providing what I can be capable of.

photo (1)
Doodles made in a Park

Art Redraw

These were the few selected artworks that I wanted and remake and improve and take a look and compare the differences from last year to now. The revamped images will be uploaded onto my DeviantArt account. The great thing is that I can compare the two and take a look at the mistakes whether it be for anatomy or proportions. These are only two examples of improvement.

Drakero the Dragon (owned by JakeSake) Fan art

This was originally a coloured piece of JakeSake’s sketch which was done for a previous unit. I wasn’t pleased with the colouring of my older piece so I did a sketch, added line art and coloured it in. I wanted more depth for my colouring in the revamped version. I was looking forward to improving and taking a look at the difference.


I remember making this in the first year of my Interactive Design course. Of course, I went for using someone else’s sketch first. It was quite enjoyable to remake this older image. I can notice the change in shading as well as line art (because the first one was taken from the original artist. I thought that red would be better to represent him as a dragon, but it would have helped if I added wings that weren’t transparent.


Chrome (from Burning Chrome novel) Fan art

Burning Chrome painting

I really hated this old painting to the point where I had to make a different version of it. For the new version, I used Paint Tool Sai and gimp as a combination. Gimp was used for the background and Paint Tool Sai was used for sketching and colouring in the character. I wanted to use this colour scheme believing that it would suit the theme of mystery of the character.



Methods of Promoting Art

To understand how I can put my work out there, I need to understand how other artists have promoted themselves out there with the use of social or non-social media. There are many artists my age or younger that have come to use social media to socialise and display their artwork for many of their friends and strangers to see. Tumblr is a good example where I have followed Dapper-Deoxys for some time and their artwork is fairly popular within the online community. There were many other artists that would display concept art on their blog. Not to mention I do see slide shows on youtube tributing to artworks and speed paint videos. I have listened to a music artist on youtube (he also has a newgrounds account) by the name of F-777. If it wasn’t for a youtube account called Xmillsa, I wouldn’t have known about him today. On Newgrounds, I discovered ParagonX9. I had enjoyed some of her music from online games on Newgrounds and I wanted to take a look at who made the soundtracks to begin with. That was where I discovered her. I also was blindly scrolling through artwork on DeviantArt, when I stumbled across some incredible artwork made by DeviantArt user Sakimichan. I only discovered her work on that website and nowhere else. It’s amazing for different artists to use different methods for getting their artwork out there. This helps me with more options on submitting my artwork on other sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Hive etc. I have also found an artist named ‘markcrilley’ who makes artwork and tutorials.I actually found him through his tutorials on Youtube and DeviantArt.

I have also looked at Exhibitions, Art Galleries and Art shops that contain original artwork from different artists whether they amateurs or professionals. I have noticed that my own close friend has her own webpage of self-promoting her own artwork, music and literature. I currently have a deviantart and a youtube channel where I can upload my artwork and speed paints.

My plan

My main idea is to make a website on html display and promote my artwork as well as uploading them onto youtube and deviantart. I may upload slowly but surely from time to time rather than constant uploading, but that would be quite effective. I’m even making a physical portfolio as well as a digital one. I did talk to my Tutor and support worker about how I can promote my work. They both suggested that I could get some of my best work and place it in a folder.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.58.16
Current webpage


Prepared showreel

This was made for the sole purpose of showing off some of my best work I made from last year to this year. I had some work I was happy and some work that I left out. The good news is that other people will see my artwork and I’ll be able to get some recognition. I made sure to put in my best work that I currently have.


Artwork from other people

I have enjoyed through looking at different works of art from people exploring certain genres and themes. I get to take a look at how other people may symbolise or spread a message through the use of images/visuals made from their own hands. This was from a page of a leaflet handed out to various people to spread the message about addiction.

My Deviant art Page

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.01.33
Website for me to promote my work

I made an account a while ago on this website to view content of other artists. I never really wanted to post artwork to begin with. Eventually, I had to find some way of promoting my work online in this unit. Since I already have an account, I thought about getting my own work displayed on here. A lot of people online may go on Deviantart and view artwork there.


Business cards


FullSizeRender (1)
From Vista print

Since I had to make some business cards promoting my work, I had struggled to understand how I would be able to make something of professional quality from my lack of resources. My Tutor told me that from all the skills we had learned last year, I should be able to find a way to design and create a card. I even went to ask other people for advise on what to do. I did remember that my Dad was more experienced and understanding business.

What I plan on doing for after my Interactive Design course

I will move on to doing a Foundation Art and Design course to develop and grow on my artistic skills. I originally wanted to do some form of apprenticeship to do with concept art or animation, but with this unit, promotion is a must. I had heard about the Foundation Art and Design course from my support workers. I thought that it would a good opportunity to update and develop my skills and abilities. While this course goes on for a year, I would like to apply for a part-time job. I do plan on going to university after I have finished this course. But in order for me to do this course, I would need a loan, since I’m no longer under the age of eighteen (no more access to free education). I’m willing to use the knowledge I have in my last course to experiment and create new and improved content through my Deviant art as well.





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