Unit 04


We were shown in Illustrator how to use letters and numbers to duplicate and rotate them to arrange them, resulting in making different patterns. Using different fonts was acceptable for making different patterns as well. Depending on how we arranged them, we could create different shapes and sizes.  For this assignment, we all had to go on dafont.com and only had a limited amount of time (five/ten minutes) to search for different fonts to download and use for our typography patterns. Sometimes, I would struggle with creating patterns when it you can mistakes and it all goes wrong, but I manage to work around my mistakes most of the time.


Expressive words

To help us decide what words we should use to sketch out our thumbnails, we had to write a list of thirty words in five mins. When time had ran out, we had to pass our lists on our table clockwise and with our new list we had to select five words to make five designs of each, giving a total of twenty-five designs.

expressive words (traditional)

Top Five choices


My design for the word ‘tall’ was deliberately meant to be shaped similarly to the eiffel tower from paris as it is a tall tower. I thought that this would be a good technique for showing the definition of tall.


I wanted to put a form of symbolism for this word. The larger word is supposed to represent the individual who completely stands out from every one else (small words). The individual is struggling to find someone is similar to them, making them in that way alone.


What I liked about this design was that I shaped the word to resemble a tombstone and grave from which relate to death as we often bury our loved ones in there when they pass away.

expressive word 5-high

I decided that I could create this form of typography to present the word in a different context (smoking weed rather than referring to heights). To do so, I decided to give the appearance of  letters fading away to symbolise how you can go high after smoking a lot of weed. It’s a rather simple message to understand.

expressive word 4-virus

I didn’t go too overboard with this typography. I only wanted to show how a virus can mutate and change their structure to build up resistance or adaptation to their surroundings. The odd edges of the letters I made in Illustrator was supposed to show that.

Graphic Sentences Typography

We had a similar task from when we had made twenty-five designs of our choice of words, but this time we had to pick our own quotes from novels, films etc. The Tutor recommended us not to use film quotes for this task as we already have visualisations of characters and the film that come along with these quotes, making them difficult to create typography to enhance the meaning behind it as we already aware of what the quote is about.

graphic typography designs pg 1

graphic typograpy designs pg 2

My Designs on Illustrator

For this quote, I wanted to use the alignment of the words as well as font and colours to represent the meaning behind the quote. From the thumbnail I drew, I used it as a template for this design. I used the colours font for the gritty feeling and have the colours fade out to show how fear can eventually be overcome as it is an obstacle to us in life. The additional decorations that I added for the words ‘fear and ‘enemy’ was supposed to help to represent the topics themselves. Fear is this feeling we have when around something we feel is possibly dangerous and can harm us. Generally we have a faster pulse rate when we’re in fear, which was why I drew the pulse line. I drew the barbed wire to the word ‘enemy’ to show the comparison between an enemy and barbed wire. Both can harm you, wear you down and can in cases leave injuries (emotional or physical).

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 16.33.16
First Design

On my second attempt, I wanted to fix the alignment for this quotes to lay it out more like a path rather than some failed attempt at creating an alignment.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 17.14.08
Second Attempt at First Design

This second quote design was only just meant to format the quote to show how fear can harm or hinder us from our objective by using the similar barbed wire theme attached to the words to off the message that fear itself always clings to us and it can’t always be easy. I thought that it would be easier for the quote to stand out if I gave off the contrast using grey and blue.

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 17.14.55
Second Design
Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.18.54
First Design for Second Quote

This quote from ‘Attack on Titan’ was quite effective for me alone as it was true to reality itself, the world itself is a balance (in my opinion). I wanted this typography to represent the balance between the light and dark (yin and yang basically) by using the contrast and black and white (opposite colours) and fonts that represent the keywords in the quote.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.33.55

This second design only has a small change of colour selected for the purpose of showing the colour scheme on the planet earth. I thought that it would be good to add extra textures to the background for some effect or it would of felt bland to me.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.45.02

This design was a disappointment for me. The layout, font size and choice of colours was completely rushed as I was unsure how to design this quote.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 10.52.48
First design

I felt that the second quote was a lot better than the first for the use of contrasting colours and  textures that the first had lacked. The second design for this quote was mainly meant to change the layout and colours used, but I felt that the font was fine just the way it was.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 14.19.01
Second design

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 13.58.45

This quote from Dr Seuss was interesting because of how much this can relate to some of us when dealing with life through the bad and the good. I decided to use the ‘crazy eyes’ font to portray the wacky vibes that Dr Seuss had. The reason I had made a circle of the word ‘life’ was to show that life is a cycle that we all go through. The second design was just to see a change of layout for the typography and also to see how it would appear through design and contrast.

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 14.20.20

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 15.10.59
First design
Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 15.17.14
Second design

 Recipe Re-design 

I have chosen to re-design the common tandoori chicken recipe to make it comprehendible for other people to make. This dish consists of roasted chicken served with yoghurt or spices and was traditionally cooked using a tandoor (a metal oven where the dish used to be cooked in), hence the name of the Indian dish. The dish had originated in Punjabi and parts of Bangladesh and Pakistan as well. It was and still is common today to have tandoori chicken in these three countries and in other countries as well. It was invented by a man named Kundan Lal Gujral. Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tandoori-chicken-ii/ Equipment needed:

  • fork
  • teaspoon
  • tablespoon
  •  oven/grill
  • pastry brush
  • oil (vegetable)
  • medium-sized bowl
  • smaller bowls to contain spices

Mood Boards

To get started with understanding how I would create my visual representation of how tandoori chicken is supposed to be prepared (or how the recipe I used as an example), the Tutor thought that it would be useful for the rest of us to crate mood boards to search for the different elements that the recipe itself includes (ingredients and equipment) and research different visual maps and art styles for some inspiration and how I want to create my illustrations.

recipe re-design moodboard 1

The first mood board contained photographic and cartoon images of the following ingredients (most of them) that I will be presenting in the final design. This eventually was useful for helping me to create illustrations for my own concept art regarding the recipe itself. Originally, I was having difficulty with having to create the visual representations for the ingredients without needing to label them for the viewer to understand.

recipe re-design moodboard 2
The Equipment needed

I thought that searching for the equipment would also be helpful in giving me a reference to help me to create images of the cooking equipment. At the time, I wasn’t sure how I wanted my design to look yet, but was okay with the fact that these mood boards would inspire me to create designs or concept art of how it would possibly appear.

recipe re-design moodboard 3
A range of visual maps
Art styles

I had searched for a different art styles that I could potentially use in my visual recipe poster. I had made sure to take a look at the different forms of media for the artwork that was created, whether it was art relating to the culture origin of my recipe, art styles I’m familiar with or chibi art (which links to my interests(manga and anime).

recipe re-design fonts
Fonts that I could potentially use

Concept Art

recipe re-design concept art (traditional)

I had hand drawn some of the equipment and ingredients in my sketchbook to take a look at how I would like for them to appear. I wanted to make sure that they’re can be recognised as ingredients without the need of using labels. Making the rough sketches helped me to see what may or may not have worked for these visuals and so I had looked up Google image references and my mood boards to have a better understanding of how they should look and how I should present them.

recipe re-design concept art

From my digital illustrations, I had re-drawn and changed the pictures I had originally planned to use for the visual recipe in the end.

Final Design

my own visual recipe design  

Festival Posters 

This time the tutor had wanted us to create posters based on a festival (real or made up). Most of us are familiar with developing and designing posters after doing research based on actual posters made by other people. To get started, of course we need to research to get a better understanding and what we need to be doing and how it should be done.

General Festival Poster Design research
Research for the visual concepts
General Festival Poster Font research
Research for the typography
Poster research linking to my festival choice
Bristol festival posters research
Bristol Posters from the Past

Most of these posters were selected for the interest in how the visuals were designed and used for the purpose of expressing the mood and contrast the text explaining the information regarding the festivals (I haven’t really been so specific through some of my annotations which I have placed for some or most of the posters selected). Though for some posters that I picked which may lack any details towards what I like or dislike about them, could be the result of the fact that I struggled to find any posters that I thought were good.


We need to look for different typefaces that we think would work for our festival posters. This was done so that we could have a good idea of that we could put on our designs when planning the layout of the festival poster that we’re working on individually. Most of them were done in Illustrator, but it was nice to try and hand-draw some of my own ideas which was inspired from the fonts that I looked up from dafont.com.

My festival poster title typography (12)
Digital typefaces
My festival poster title typography (12) part 2
Digital Typefaces page 2
festival poster typefaces hand-drawn
hand-drawn typefaces

I chose to make the posters for the Hay on Wye Literature Festival (an existing festival), rather than make one up since I’m not very good with improvising. Since I couldn’t come up with a name for a made-up festival, for most of the typefaces (digital and hand drawn) I temporarily used the name ‘Bristol Literature Festival’.

Mood boards/Thumbnails

My thumbnail were just what I made up on the spot and had struggled to come up with original designs. I tried my best not to make them seem too repetitive I still had trouble coming up with quick-sketched designs that would fit into the theme of a literature festival. I often took scraps and doodles from the past and used them for ideas of inspiration of what type of thumbnail designs to put down in my sketchbook. I didn’t really think that I would have to use these type of designs, but depending on the design itself, I may change and develop the template design that I had made from the twelve designs I made (six for one poster).

Festival Poster Thumbnail designs (1)
First six thumbnail designs
Festival Poster Thumbnail Designs (2)
Second sheet of thumbnail designs
Book moodboard for Festival Poster
Books I had scanned
Book moodboard for Festival Poster (2)
Book mood board
My Theme Poster Moodboard
Theme festival poster research

Final posters

First poster Development

The sketch for the first festival poster was already sorted for me to use as a guideline. From there I had worked and developed the digital art for my poster. It was useful for me to take a look the the layout to begin with and slowly make changes to improve and have new ideas come up along the way as I work along and develop.

1st festival poster design sketch
First Festival concept sketch

I originally had an idea to use the books from my mood board and adapt them into the poster (shown from the concept sketch). I originally had the title placed in the middle or the design. Through the time of creating the poster for the Hay-on-Wye Literature festival, I had a bit of trouble with my colour choices I should put for the poster or how I should lay out the typography or whether I should display more or less information than other posters that I’ve seen made for this Literature festival.

Final Festival Poster concept art
I wasn’t pleased with the visual representation

Final Festival Poster concept art

When I made the second attempt for the first poster, I wanted to change the illustration since I wasn’t very pleased with the first design that I had made. The images, in my opinion, just clashed. No matter how many times I tried to adjust the positions of the books and the tree, I still couldn’t seem to get the presentation that I would like for the poster.

Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 14.16.07

I soon scrapped the previous poster design from my tutor’s critique on the poster’s dull appearance would have a negative effect and suggested that I could use books pages combined with typography and other elements.

Final Festival Poster concept art 3

Second Final Poster

For this version of the poster, I wanted to explore different media for a change which is a good thing for me, since I can expand and learn new skills to manipulate. My photography was rather inadequate considering most of the photos I had taken had come blurry and wonky, but this photo was the one I hated the least and so I went along and messed around to look for the right font (in my opinion) for the photo.









After getting feedback from the tutor mentioning that I should use a more suitable font and include more information about the date and time of when the festival will start and end as the previous posters had lacked that sort of info and noticing how most posters would include that sort of info, I thought that I would put more info there.



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