Unit 01- Harmonies and Dissonance

Our tutor decided to teach us the importance of harmony and dissonance when creating artwork for a concept to do with animating or gaming and even had told us how it is often used in games that we would of played or seen before. Many of us are familiar with these words associated with our environment as well as common themes for video games too.

What is harmony and dissonance? And what is the difference between them?

Harmony is where the objects in the environment blend together naturally as if it’s meant to be there whereas with dissonance the objects and their environment may clash together.

I had set my story in an environment where everything generally in harmony (blends together), unlike an environment that’s dissonant.

reference pic 1

Our class had to either go around the college, outside of college or research on the internet for useful references for sketching images based around where our stories are set in. In this case, since I have my story set in a forest, I had walked outside of college to look for references of trees, grass and pavements to doodle from observation for some development of my final composition.

reference pic 2

Even from walking down the pavements, I managed to draw leaves from the ground. It was useful to look at different shapes of each leaf, but I only decided to sketch a few leaves to reference in my artwork to do with the environment our story is set in.

reference pic 3

This reference was based off an actual sight near my college for me to sketch and change bits of. I was a bit too lazy to use the principles of perspective when drawing these references.

Castle reference sheet

Since my story involves the protagonist going into a castle. I knew that it would be useful to have a castle roughly referenced for my own creativity to change the castle to fit in to my own imagination of how I would want it to look.




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