2D Flash Animation

In the beginning of this unit, the tutor introduced us to Flash and how you can use different  animation tweens such as classic and motion to create smoother animation in less time. We all had to try and animate a bouncing ball using techniques like the easing effect and altering the size of the ball in the motion/classic tween that we used to help the ball look more like it’s actually bouncing rather than moving up and down. There were tutorials there to help us find solutions to make our animations.

Tweens in Animation

Bouncing Ball animation

My first animation involving the bouncing ball wasn’t my favourite task to complete. It doesn’t look like how a ball should bounce. I used the motion tween to make the bouncing sequence without needing to use a large amount of keyframes to animate the whole sequence a lot longer. I used the newer version of flash than the one used in the tutorials we had watched so I had trouble with finding the easing effect options and changing them to get the results that I wanted to give to my animation. The purpose of the easing effect was to slow some parts of the animation at some points, but I only managed to slow it down near the end. I would like to learn more about Flash and how to use some of the functions I have no clue how to use.

Walk cycle

Walk Cycle animation
My first walk cycle animation

In flash, I drew and animated this walk cycle using a walk cycle sheet as an reference. There was no tracing involved in creating this walk animation. I didn’t like how fast the movement of the stick figure looked when walking. If I look at other people walking and look back at my animation, I can easily notice just how fast-paced and sloppy my animation appears before my eyes.

Medium Shot Walking animation
An attempt at Medium shot walk animation

Out of my own extra free time I decided to try the walk cycle animation again, but this time I did it at a medium shot so that I could focus more on the top of the character and try to make them move more realistically as opposed to my original walk animation. I had no reference for this second animation. I animated this by the same technique as cel animation. I drew and traced over my drawings in flash using the onion skin button that allows you to trace over your previous drawings. It was hard for me to keep the drawing proportions equal in flash when in each frame, some of the lines get wonky from using a mouse/trackpad to draw.

Facial Expression

For more animation variety and practice, we each had practice animating different facial expressions for when we make animations in the future and any animated characters. I made different expression, changing from one to another just by hand drawing each frame instead of using different symbols and layers which seems to complicated for me to follow as a method.


Bone tool experiment

For an experiment, we had tried to practice animating with a new technique that not many people are familiar with when using flash. With the bone tool it was much quicker to animate movements for my character in these animations, but from time to time, I would with creating symbols and/or layers for each body part when using the bone tool to animate. Even when I do complete what I needed to do for this to work. Sometimes with using this technique I can cause mistakes/glitches from one of my videos down below. Even though, I did like the fluent movement as a result of the bone tool enabling me to move the body parts of my character in a frame to create movement much quicker. But sometimes I can mess up the presentation of my animation.



S.M.A.R.T. targets

  1. Aim: By the end of the session today, I want to have completed the character morph.

– Remember how to shape tween a shape

– I want to be able to reach the point where the character is back home. (yallery brown storyline)


My Yallery Brown Animation

This is my final animation that I had been spending over a month, adding and deleting parts from time to time and despite finishing the animation in a rush, I still the  constant need to to make more changes to my final animation. After the public viewing my animation to the audience, I had gotten positive on my style of art and animation from some of the audience, regarding the monochrome colours and minimal background.


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