Unit 02 Character and Concept development

The tutor gave us two stories to choose from for an animation that we need to create based around that story or interpreting that story in our own image that we would like. We had to choose ‘Yallery Brown’ or ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. I selected ‘Yallery Brown’ to base the animation around.

Down below is my poor attempt at creating a storyboard for the sequence of animation for how I may want my animated short to turn out. The point of the storyboard was for me to visualise my ideas for the layout of the animation before I can even think of finishing the final product. I had trouble with sticking with the right idea of how I wanted my animation to look, but I was quite fickle when it came to sticking with a concept that I was 100% satisfied. It’ll take some effort and time for me to accept an idea that I think will work.

My storyboard
yallery brown storyboard 1
page 1 of my new storyboard
yallery brown storyboard 2
page 2 of my new storyboard

Originally, I wanted my animation to be in colour, but when I saw how long it would take to colour and animate at least a minute or longer. So I thought that changing it to black and white would be much easier for me to colour in and animate. I wanted my animation to include music instead of voices for it to be like an animated silent film. Of course I will select music depending on the type emotion or atmosphere that I want to portray in the animation or at least try.

Character concept

Concept design of main character (Tom)

This was one of my first doodles of what I wanted the main character to look like for the animation. I wanted to design the character in a way that seemed modern, but casual. Soon, I didn’t like how I made the character resemble a child, considering the character is a teenager from the version that I had been told.

2nd design

With my second design I made, I avoided making Tom appear younger than he should be which I was happy with. I also decided to give him a plain shirt with a collar, still keeping the same image I intended to keep for the character. I did have an idea that Tom had gotten a eye scar from fighting off a beast a while ago, but that was just my own concept for the character to have.


In this idea that I had an idea for the character in an urban setting to have been trained to fight and defend himself by his father when he was younger. I tried to give a new, unique look for the main character. I wanted to give him a mini back-story, but I’m unsure whether that’s important for the main story.


This design was inspired by my three previous designs that I had designed for Tom. I decided that he would have a shirt and hoodie to wear which I thought would be simple enough to animate and draw as I wouldn’t want to animate details include clothing folds and wrinkles. That would be irritating and time-consuming for me to do.

Earlier concept art of the main character

This was one of the earliest concept designs that I had for the main character which started off as a doodle in the scraps. The art style I used for this concept art was inspired by a shooting games and the Ray man games I played in my childhood. This style may the simplest form for me animate in my final animation, but I want to have characters to have limbs for my animation. This was the original style I wanted to in the animation for the sheer simplicity.

My character running cycle

I had made a running cycle animation with the main character (Tom) from ‘Yallery Brown’. We had to create an animation of the character. Since I found it difficult to fit in detail and animate at the same time, I started off in steps in drawings the frames on A3 paper and adding details of the character along the way.

My character walk cycle sheet plan

With Flash I had made a quick running flash animation with the main character.

I still have made it too sloppy. The details aren’t brilliant for something that was made on Flash since I wanted to make it simplified for this animation. Originally we were meant to do it detail and colour, but being new to digital programs such as Photoshop and illustrator, I found it irritating to put in detail to animate as well as a running sequence. I have been told about how to sketchy style I have used can be adapted into my final animation.

I also thought it would be a good idea to practice some lip-synching for the main character as I have never really had any experience with animating mouth movement in the past before. I thought it was a lot more fluent in comparison to my previous animations I had done in terms of improvement which I am proud of. I do hope to improve the animation process that I use so that I can have more fluent animations in the future. I had generally gotten comments on how I should try to experiment with different techniques to achieve the same result.

My Unfinished Animation for Yallery Brown

We had showed our animation to our partner and we had a look at what we did well and what we could improve on in the future to do better. I was told by my partner how I managed to make the characters meet and briefly interact along with the soundtrack I had provided for my animation. I had been told that I could add more speech, either by speech bubbles or audio. I understand that putting speech and show the interaction between the characters and show off more of the personalities of the characters in cartoon and stories. I think that it would be helpful for the animation to have dialogue to show character development between Yallery and Tom.


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